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canadian agencies in kenya

Canadian Agencies in Kenya

Are you planning to migrate and settle in Canada. Elisa Travel Agency are the Best Canadian Agencies in Kenya offering immigration services to canada.

Canada Visa Nairobi Kenya

Canadian visa Agents in Nairobi

Canadian Agencies in Kenya​

Canada Immigration agents in Kenya

Are you planning to migrate and settle in Canada. Elisa Travel Agency are the Best Immigration Agents in Kenya offering immigration services to canada.

canadian agencies in kenya

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Requirements for Canada Visa

Canadian Visa cost approximately 500,000 Ksh in Kenya. This is the cost Elisa Travel Agency charges its clients to help you move and settle in Canada. Their application process involve lawyers so you don’t have to worry about.

  • Application forms.
  • Valid passport for each person (no additional sheets: if there is no blank page, you will have to obtain a new passport).
  • Old passports as proof of previous trips.
  • Two recent passport-size photos for each person (no scanned photos).
  • Detailed proof of financial situation: recent bank statement, term deposits, properties, proof of income tax payments, business registration, financial statement, sponsorship by a third person (and proof that this person has the financial means to fulfill their commitment).
  • Letter from employer authorizing leave (with position, years of service and salary) or proof of enrolment in school if you are a student.
  • Other documentation (family, financial, employment, property ties) in order to satisfy the officer that you will return to your country of residence after your visit.
  • Notarized authorization by father and mother for any unaccompanied minor under 18 (and present original of authorization upon entry to Canada).
  • For a visit to family members or a friend, letter of invitation stating name, address, telephone number, e-mail, family relationship and length of your stay in Canada, as well as proof that your host resides legally in Canada (citizenship, permanent residence, study or work permit, etc.); if your host undertakes to pay for your trip, he or she must complete the “Undertaking of Support Form” and submit proof of employment (with years of service and salary), a bank statement and a copy of the summary page of his or her last income tax statement from the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • For a business trip, an official letter from the company sending you and one from the company inviting you with all required information (names, addresses, telephone, and fax numbers, as well as purpose and length of trip and funding arrangements); for a conference or training, submit proof of registration and funding.
  • Note: The officer may request additional documents or a personal interview.

Canada Immigration Kenya​

Canada Visa Requirements for Kenyans

Canadian visa cost in Kenya

Canada Visa Requirements for Kenyans

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