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If you’re planning for a trip to South Africa, our highly seasoned visa team is here to assist you with fast and straightforward visa expedition services. With a professional international visa department of exemplary track records, We specialize in all types of South African visas such as tourist and business visas.
The prerequisites you need to fulfill for the approval of a South African visa may vary depending on your nationality, purpose of your visit, and overall duration of your stay in the country. We, therefore, adopt a hands-on, personalized approach to process your visa application, thus avoiding all confusions and chances of your South African visa refusal.

If you wish to utilize our extensive knowledge in visa services, do not delay to give us a call or send us a query through easy-to-use online form or email. We’ll begin with the procedures right away!

South Africa Visa Requirements

How we can help you

Elisa Travel Assistance

  • Appointment assistance for South Africa
  • Application Form Filling assistance
  • Verification of Documents
  • Flight & Hotel Booking assistance
Special Note
  • The Consulate General will not accept passports that are manually/hand written renewed or extended.
  • You can submit your application only 1 month prior to you date of travel.
  • Holiday Packages available including flight, hotel, sightseeing & transfers
  • Original Passport will be kept at embassy for stamping purpose
  • Client has to personally visit visa application center for submission of original documents
  • Service Fees & Visa fees is non-refundable in case of rejection
  • Confirmed Return air ticket and hotel voucher is required at the airport during visit to South Africa
  • Yellow fever certificate – A yellow fever certificate is required “ONLY IF” an applicant is coming from or going through a yellow fever endemic zone. Applicants who are going straight/directly to South Africa from Dubai, and who have not been in a yellow fever zone recently or within a year are “NOT” required to fulfill/submit a yellow fever certificate or any other additional health requirement.


  • Visa Application Form duly completed and signed by each applicant.
  • A valid passport in respect of each applicant, with at least /2 clear pages. Passport must be valid for a period of one month after departure from the Republic of South Africa.
  • A photocopy of a valid Yellow Fever Certificate – with signature and cover page.
  • Photocopy of bio-data page of your current passport and immediate previous if submitting a new one on the application date.
  • Verifiable return flight booking OR itinerary of country to country if traveling by road.
  • Confirmed hotel reservations.
  • If visiting family or friends, signed invitation letter from the host with physical address and contactable phone numbers, certified identity document of the host (if South African, National South African I.D.
  • If foreigner, passport biodata page and permit).
  • Certification should not be older than 3 months.
  • Passport size photograph(45x35mm)(not more than 12 months old).
  • For foreign nationals, you are required to have a work, study of residence permit valid for one year and above Endorsed on your passport.
  • A statement /letter by applicant confirming the purpose and duration of the visit. If Self-employed, submit a signed letter and attach documents of ownership. If retired, please submit a written statement. If a student, attach a document from their learning institution.
  • Sufficient funds in form of ORIGINAL recent bank statements for the last three(3) months signed and stamped by the bank.
  • Sponsor’s Business/Tax Registration Documents.
  • For self-employed applicants, letter from their Business, Certificates of Registration documents/Ownership with current contact address. If retired, please submit a written statement. Proof of occupation is mandatory.
  • Marriage Certificate/Affidavit accompanied by a letter if one spouse is taking care of expenses.

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Our services

Our process, refined over many years, takes the frustration and mystery out of applying for a visa.

How to Apply with us.

Simply email , or call us on 0724868497 and our representatives will get in touch with you. Rest assured of absolute visa assistance without any hidden charges.

FAQ - Clients

  • Is it mandatory for me to obtain a visa to enter SOUTH AFRICA?
Visa is mandatory for all citizens with multi nationalities to travel to SOUTH AFRICA.
  • Do infants and kids require visa to enter SOUTH AFRICA?
All infants as well as kids traveling with their  Citizen parent will require a visa to enter the SOUTH AFRICA.
  • How should I apply for a SOUTH AFRICA visa from another country?
Only  Citizens can apply for International visas with us,
  • What are the benefits of applying for visa through us?
By contacting us for your visa application needs, you can eliminate the need for a local sponsor in the SOUTH AFRICA Minimal documentation quick processing is another of the key highlights. In most case, the visa processing takes only five to six working days.
  • What are the different types of visa that I can apply for ?
Depending on the duration or number of days you wish to spend in SOUTH AFRICA, different types of visas include tourist visa, transit visa, and visit visa.
  • Can I book my ticket before applying for visa?
Yes, you can book your tickets to SOUTH AFRICA before applying or processing of visa, But for confirming same you can ask to our visa specialists.
  • How many days will it take to get a visa?
Visa processing usually take 5 to 6 working days. But this largely depends on the prompt submission of required documents as well as the meeting of eligibility norms.
  • How about visa application fee?
To inquire about your visa application fee or discuss any visa-related query. We’ll promptly respond to your questions on visa.
  • Is it possible for me to track the status of my visa application?
Upon the successful filling out of the visa application form, You can also get in touch with our visa agents to know your visa application status.
  • Is visa fee refunded in case my application is rejected?
This is not possible, as the immigration authority do not recompense for the rejected visa applications.
  • Can I know the reason of visa rejection?
The immigration authorities, at most, do not reveal the reasons for the refusal of a visa, but in some cases it may get reason from Immigration.
  • What is the mode of receiving visa?
Once your visa is processed,it will be stamped on passport.

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